Our effort in protecting your privacy, by design.

Security and privacy are our highest priorities when designing PairVPN. We are believers that any user account or user information that is stored on an active server will always be breached one day, no matter how much security you put in place to protect those data. So our philosophy is to design PairVPN to rid us of this burden.

No accounts

During the use of PairVPN, you will notice that it never requires creating accounts or logins. That is because PairVPN was designed in a way that no personal information is collected or stored remotely. Instead, an anonymous "pairing" process will take place to ensure only the devices that you "pre-allow" can connect to your server device. The unique security details of the pairing are stored locally on the two devices only and never uploaded.

No access to network activities

A normal VPN service will promise you a "no logs" policy, that is because your VPN server routes all your network traffics and knows exactly which sites you have visited and when. Such data if collected can be sold for ads targetting. In the case of PairVPN you own the VPN server and we do not have access to your network traffics by design.

During a connection, the client device and the server device establish a tunnel secured by a 256-bit encryption key that only the two sides have. This is very important because sometimes - due to firewall or NAT restriction - a direct connection between the client device and the server device may not be possible, in which case your connection will go through one of our relay servers. Not have your encryption key ensures that, when our server relays the connection, we will not be able to peek at your network activities inside the tunnel.

Although the PairVPN server side has a log switch for traffics monitoring, that logging is strictly local.

Also, please be aware that even though your network activities are hidden from us, they still come out of your server device, which means the ISP (Internet provider) of your server device can still see your usages. For this reason, PairVPN isn't a good fit if you need to conduct completely untraceble activities.

Data that we collect

PairVPN on iOS or Android platform will collect an "instance ID" needed for remote notifications when connections are missed. This is a unique but anonymous identifier offered by the iOS and Android systems that minimizes privacy risk. Our gate-keeping service will collect a subset of pairing signatures that are enough to facilitate connections (and protections) between paired devices. Its server security system will also monitor IP addresses of all connections attempts to detect and prevent attacks or abuses. We also collect anonymous metadata that will help our service maintain day-to-day operations, such as bandwidth calculation or relay servers load balancing. All of these data, if collected, stays on the gate-keeping servers only.