Your own VPN server, on any device!

As easy as installing a mobile app, PairVPN can turn any phone, tablet, or computer into your personal VPN Server. The technology is so innovative that we actually patented it!

Supports iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. Just run the PairVPN app on your connecting device and your server device, pair them once and connect from anywhere.

Many uses of PairVPN
Privacy is certainty

PairVPN is designed in a way that no personal information, password, or security keys are collected or stored remotely. The pairing process ensures your connections stay secure and anonymous even from us. Also unlike regular VPN services, we have no access to your network activities.

Security with ease

For remote access, large corporations can afford to hire network specialists to set up dedicated VPN servers and firewalls. This will not be realistic for many home or small office networks, which may not even have a fixed public IP. The PairVPN app offers simplified security configuration and does not require changing firewall or setting up accounts. By allowing only paired clients to connect it also greatly hardens security.